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The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism

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The journal is in the process of editorial re-organization. If a new editorial staff is put in place, an announcement will be made in this website. So at this time the journal is no longer considering any submissions, past or present, for publication. Thanks to all of those who have contributed their works and those who have supported the journal.   

Our Philosophy

  1. The journal will provide a voice for the articulation of feminist and social justice concerns from a Latina perspective, broadly construed to include Latinas in the U.S., Latin America, and other countries.

  2. The journal will be an online, open access, blind peer-reviewed academic journal that will include narrative and poetic entries as legitimate forms of scholarly feminist analyses.

  3. The basic normative commitment of the journal is to expand the analysis of the ways gender relates to social justice in its multiple forms, including a critical examination of intersectionality, the role that men and women play in oppressing animals and the earth, and the complex connections between minority cultures and the oppression of women.

  4. We particularly encourage submissions that draw from our indigenous values, norms, and perspectives to articulate views of sociopolitical, economic, and natural environments that promote the mutual well-being of human and nonhuman species.

  5. The journal wants to explore the social justice implications of different forms of gender and sexual identification, including gay, lesbian, transgender, pansexual, bisexual, and other forms of sexual identity.

  6. The journal welcomes articles that discuss ways in which feminist struggles can be systematically integrated with broader social justice issues. In particular, we believe that to achieve its true potential as a revolutionary transformational force it is important for feminism to support a planetary ethic that expresses moral concern for all inhabitants of the earth community, understood in intergenerational terms.

  7. We construe feminism broadly to include gender analyses that examine the ways men, particularly minority men, can be oppressed by patriarchy.

  8. Articles should as far as possible use language that is understandable and accessible to wide audiences and avoid obscurantist and convoluted terminology that conveys a false sense of profundity. Also, the journal will include poetry, experiential narrative accounts, and other forms of creative expression.

  9. Perhaps most of all, the journal will strive to exemplify the highest standards of intellectual and moral integrity and fairness. We believe that the true potential of feminism will never be realized unless these ideals are fully embraced and implemented.

About Us

It started ten years ago with an idea and a passion. Dr. Jorge Valadez saw the need for  a peer reviewed, Latina, feminist journal, but never quite found the right people to help him put it together. Come the spring of 2016,  he saw the enthusiasm and eagerness from some students in his philosophy of social justice class as opportunities to make this idea come to fruition. With his support and organization between students, faculty and other acclaimed philosophers across the country, we have formed the Journal for Latina Feminism.

About Us



Jorge Valadez

Co-editor In Chief

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Co-editor In Chief

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Ana Gabriela Flores

Publicity and Prose Editor

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Staff Editors

Larissa Hernandez

Creative Writing Editor

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Poetry Co-Editor

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Additiontial Contributors

Aimee Villarreal

Academic Editor

Nina Patrizio-


Translator of Spanish Webiste

Editorial Board Members

Editorial Board

Norma Cantu

Norine R. and T. Frank Murchison Endowed Professor in Humanities, Trinity University

Candace Zepeda

Assistant Professor, English Program, Our Lady of the Lake University

Jane Grovijahn

Associate Professor of Theology and Spiritual Action, Our Lady of the Lake University


We have announced calls for fourth issue .

Submit below using Submittable:


Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism is a refereed journal and submissions are anonymously reviewed by two or more referees. If your submission falls within the parameters of the journal’s focus, it will be submitted for detailed review and you will receive comments from anonymous reviewers, including (if necessary) suggestions for modifications or clarifications.


Please read the information below before you submit your materials.

What to Submit

  1. Scholarly journal article - 5,000-8,000 word count

  2. Prose (fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, hybrid writing)--Up to 1,500 word count

  3. Poetry - can submit between 3-5 poems

Submission Requirements:

  1. To facilitate the blind review process, do not include your name or institutional affiliation in the body of your submission.

  2. When submitting, please provide a brief biographical sketch with institutional affiliations (if any), and an e-mail address. Please confirm that the submitted work is not currently being considered for publication in any other journal or in a book.

  3. For scholarly submissions only--provide an abstract of about 300 words and up to five keywords. After requested revisions are made, a decision will be made regarding publication, taking into account compliance with reviewer comments and criticisms.

  4. For lengthy quotations and the use of tables, figures, etc. from works published elsewhere, authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holders of those works.

  5. If you have not heard from the journal in six months regarding your submission, it was not accepted for publication. 

Format Guidelines

  • Use the MLA (Modern Language Association) system of citation.

  • Please follow the guidelines stated in the website regarding word length for the different submission categories.

  • All text should be double spaced, including quotations and bibliographic references. Lengthy quotations exceeding 40 words should be indented in the text.

How to Support the Journal

The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism was graciously started by the hardwork and efforts of it’s founder, Dr. Jorge Valadez. In order to support the journal and it’s mission, you can donate to the journal at Go Fund Me. You are able to donate to at anytime.

Thank you. Gracías.

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